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Raccoons are hard to get rid of because they go where there is an abundance of food. Humans unknowling feed the raccoons and more will keep coming back creating a big problem for your business or home

How Do I Know If A Raccoon Has Rabies?

There are often signs that help show if a raccoon has rabies before you approach it. Typically the animal will show aggression. However, there are other signs you can look for as well to confirm your suspicion. Do not handle rabid raccoons yourself. Call Animal Trappers in New Jersey to help you get rid of prevent raccoon infestionations.

Signs to look for in a rabid raccoon.

  • Crying or whining (typically a high pitch sound)
  • Unever movements
  • Self Mutilation
  • lack of awarness of it’s surroundings
  • activity during the day
  • wet or matted fur

Though these signs are good indicators of rabies, this is not conclusive. Additionally, raccoons can carry other diseases like canine distemper, leptospirosis, and roundworm that can show different symptoms. You should never approach a wild animal without the guidance of a professional.

NJ Raccoon Information

Raccoons are determined enough to break into your home through an air duct, basement, or a crack on the outside wall. They look for a safe area where they have easy access to food gathering and a safe place to hide if any danger comes to that. In cases where a raccoon has nested in your basement or inner wall, they bring structural damages with them.

Damages such as:

Holes in the wall
Raccoons will burrow and break your boards and dry wall to get into a safe warm area. Quick access routes into your trash area or kitchen through your air ducts or inner wall.

Air Duct Damage
Raccoons can use your air duct system to travel within your home or business building. It helps give them safe routes to your kitchen / trash area and back to their nest. This can lead to dents in your air duct causing you to pay for the damages. The debris and trash raccoons leave behind can be clogged the air duct causing less airflow through-out the building or home.

Destructions of Insulation
The insulation lining of your inner wall can be flattened or ripped causing the house to become colder than usual which can lead to expensive heating bills and re-insulation of your home. Prevent it before it happens. Call Animal Trappers NJ today for expert prevention techniques.

Our Raccoon Removal Services Entail

Animal Trappers New Jersey has trained professionals who will remove the raccoons from your property, access the damage, repair the damage, and prevent future unwanted entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our raccoon removal services range from $150 – $750 based off of normal size homes and businesses. We provide free quotes prior to any raccoon removal jobs.
We can usually trap raccoon and remove them from your property in as little as 24 – 72 hours.
Our raccoon removal experts in NJ work 24/7 365.
We will prevent raccoon from coming back to your property at all costs. Our time tested and proven methods is why our NJ community trusts us.

We cover and serve all NJ towns and Cities

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Removing the wildlife that have nested in your home or office is only part of the process of dealing with an animal infestation. After animals are gone, the damage they caused prior will continue to impact your home, putting both the structure and your family at risk. Animal Trappers NJ remove the remains of an animal invasion, safely taking out droppings, contaminated materials, ruined pipes and wires, and other evidence of the infestation. Then we replace elements, bringing your property back to its former state before animals invaded.

Our New Jersey Animal Trappers are experts at removing wildlife from your home, repairing wildlife damage, and preventing wildlife from entering your New Jersey home. Give us a call today!

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Protect your home from invasive wild animals that can damage your property, let Animal Trappers NJ help you remove, repair and prevent future incidence.