Whether they are out in nature or nesting in your attic, birds are everywhere in NY and NJ. But most people know very little about birds and bird removal. Separating the myths from reality can help you make informed decisions about what to do if you find birds on your property, and also give you a bit better of understanding of how birds behave.

Myth: Adult Bird Will Abandon Their Young If You Touch Them

Some people believe that an adult bird can smell your scent on a baby and it will result in them refusing to care for their baby. The truth is that birds have a limited sense of smell and likely won’t notice that you handled a baby bird. If a baby bird fell out of its nest, for example, you could put it back and the mother would still care for the baby. Often, when a mother doesn’t come back, it is because something happened to the mother.

You still should avoid touching baby birds as this can attract other predators or interfere with the bird learning to fly.

Fact: It Can Be Illegal to Remove a Bird from Inside Your Home

Depending on the type or bird, the season, and your location, this is true. New York and New Jersey both have laws in place to protect endangered bird species. Times of the year when bird nests and babies are present often have increased restrictions.

At NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers, we are up to date on all regulations for bird removal and can ensure we get rid of birds safely and legally. It is legal to remove some birds at certain times of year, and we’ll make sure to let you know if and when we are able to remove birds from your property.

Myth: Birds Are Relatively Harmless on the Property

Birds can carry several diseases that are spread through their droppings. These droppings can be ingested if they contaminate food or inhaled if they dry and turn to dust. The bacteria spread by birds causes:

  • Avian Flu
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Salmonella, and More

Bird nests can also host mites, ticks, and fleas which can endanger nearby people and pets, and they may carry bacteria on their skin that can also spread disease.

Fact: We Do Not Have to Kill Birds to Remove Them

At NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers, we have humane bird control methods that allow us to safely capture birds and return them to their natural habitats away from your property.

We also have exclusion services that can seal up the holes birds use to enter properties and deter them from nesting nearby. Contact us to get rid of birds and keep them out.