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Don’t be fooled chipmunks aren’t only found in parks they will take up residency on your property. Chipmunks will dwell in your flower beds, near rock walls or your sidewalk, or on your lawn.

Eastern Chipmunk most commonly found in New Jersey homes.

What Types of Damage Do Chipmunks Cause?

Chipmunks are a popular outdoor animal. But the chubby cheeks and chittering of chipmunks quickly cease to be cute when you are dealing with these rodents on your property. While they might not carry the same risk of destruction as other rodents like mice and rats, chipmunks can still cause many
different types of damage and may need to be removed by a professional wildlife management company.

Yard Damage from Chipmunks in NYC
Chipmunks are omnivorous animals, meaning they will eat anything. If you have a vegetable garden, the produce you grow can be an abundant source of food for chipmunks. A chipmunk in your garden will eat:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds (including from bird feeders)
  • Flower Bulbs

Not only can your garden and fruit trees attract chipmunks, but you may also find your garden decimated by these animals before you have a chance to harvest your produce at the end of the growing season.

The other damage seen at properties with an extensive chipmunk presence is caused by underground burrows. Chipmunks build dens below ground with separate spaces for sleeping, food storage, and waste, all connected by tunnels.

The tunnels and dens, in addition to being unattractive, can weaken the ground beneath retaining walls, patios, and foundations. They also expose the roots of trees and shrubs which the chipmunks can then feed on.

Property Damage from Chipmunks in NYC
Chipmunks are rare inside homes and most that do come inside are there by accident. Those that do come inside will often enter near ground level since they prefer to burrow. They may also enter a crawl space or basement with a dirt floor and build their burrows, which can result in the same structural
challenges as dens and tunnels in the garden.

Giving any chipmunks trapped inside a clear path to freedom is often enough to encourage them to leave. When chipmunks are stuck or building burrows, professional wildlife control can humanely trap and remove them.

Chipmunk Health Risks
With their small size, chipmunks are almost always more likely to flee than confront an attacker, making the risk of a bite or scratch low. Attempting to handle a chipmunk can prompt the animal to bite and potentially transmit disease, like rabies or plague, through saliva.

Like all wildlife, the potential risks make it important to trust chipmunk removal and exclusion to a professional like NY and NJ Animal Control Trappers. If you have noticed damage on your property and the signs of chipmunks, call us to discuss effective options.

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Give us a call today for a free quote. Animal Trappers New Jersey specializes in removing chipmunks as well as repairing the damage, and setting up prevention techniques.

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We can usually trap chipmunks and remove them from your property in as little as 24 – 72 hours.

Our chipmunk removal services range from $150 – $750 based on normal size homes and businesses. We provide free quotes prior to any chipmunks removal jobs.

We will prevent chipmunks from coming back to your property at all costs. Our time tested and proven methods is why our NJ community trusts us.

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