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When unwanted animals enter your home not only do they disturb your peace, they can also cause damages on their way in or out of your home.

Damages caused by wild animals

  • Birds
    Corrosive droppings, bacteria, fire hazard, roof damage, solar panel damage, blocked air vents.
  • Bats
    Wall stains, Mold from feces, wood damage from claws, diseases.
  • Mice & Rats
    Ruined food products, diseases, fleas, torn insulation, rising heat bills, chewed wires & pipes, drywall damage.
  • Squirrels
    Holes inside the attic, basement, roof, walls, wire damage external and internally, air duct congestion.
  • Raccoons
    Holes in the wall, damaged food products, forced entry, disease, fleas, bacteria, trash build-up, rabies.

Animal Trappers NJ is trained to handle many types of different wild animals that can enter your home and bring damage to your property.

NJ Animal Repair Information

Animal Trappers New Jersey has the experience needed to get rid of your animal troubles as well as prevent future issues with the wild animal. Animal Trapper’s also do damage repair leftover from the wild animal. With our experience we are able to access the damage, look for the best solution, and also prevent future trouble in the damaged area.

Areas We Handle:

Damage to your interior walls can come from urine or body oils from wild animals that take shelter inside your walls. Our team will access the damage and removes and patch any areas that are damaged by wild animals.

Struts & Joists
Smaller rodents are able to squeeze through small openings on the outside wall and chew on your support beams inside the house. Their feces can also be corrosive and slowly damage away at the structure. If the wood weakens and becomes unstable it will have to be replaced otherwise if the damage is caught early we can patch the damage.

Ceilings & Roofs
If you have issues with wild animals in your attic, give us a call today. The unwanted guests can chew on the wiring of your lights, as well as poses a fire hazard. At times the animal can simply chew a hole through the ceiling. Animal Trapper’s staff will identify from where the animal entered from to seek out its nesting area and patch up any damages leftover after the removal.

Interior Walls
Unwanted rodents can chew on your wiring this can cause the wiring to short circuit and cut off power to your home. As well as this poses a fire hazard because the insulation inside can catch on fire from the sparks. Prevent further damage by seeking professional advice on how to handle this matter.

Animal Trappers New Jersey handles different types of wild animals as well as clean up and removal of the wild animal. If you are seeking help, call us today for a free quote.

What Our New Jersey Animal Repair Services Entail

We repair everything from drywall to building structures. Call us today for your free animal repair quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices differ depending on the type of animal problem your dealing with. Call us today to get a free repair quote in NJ

We can usually repair your property in as little as 24 – 72 hours.

Our Animal Repair experts in NJ work 24/7 365.

We will repair and prevent animals from returning to your property as well as identify other entry points that we can repair.

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Animal Trappers NJ

Animal Removal & Damage Repair

Removing the wildlife that have nested in your home or office is only part of the process of dealing with an animal infestation. After animals are gone, the damage they caused prior will continue to impact your home, putting both the structure and your family at risk. Animal Trappers NJ remove the remains of an animal invasion, safely taking out droppings, contaminated materials, ruined pipes and wires, and other evidence of the infestation. Then we replace elements, bringing your property back to its former state before animals invaded.

Our New Jersey Animal Trappers are experts at removing wildlife from your home, repairing wildlife damage, and preventing wildlife from entering your New Jersey home. Give us a call today!

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Animals We handle

Animal Trappers New Jersey

Animal Damage Repair

  • Solar Panels Protection
  • Attic Restoration
  • Garage Area
  • Roof Repairs
  • Gutter Installations
  • Home and Office Proofing

Protect your home from invasive wild animals that can damage your property, let Animal Trappers NJ help you remove, repair and prevent future incidence.