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We are industry leading experts in NJ. We prevent animals from coming in and on your property. We are full service and are here to help the NJ community prevent wild animals.

Types of animals problems we prevent from entering your home or property in NJ.

Have Squirrels in your roof? We can help!

Birds Nesting in your gutters? Call us to remove them!

Bats in your attic? Let us clean them out and prevent them from coming back.

Have snakes in your garage? We can remove them.

Have a mice and rat problem? Have us remove and prevent them from coming back.

Have raccoons entering your home or property? We can help!

NJ Animal Prevention Information

NJ Animal Trappers are experts at removing, repairing, and preventing wild animals from entering your NJ home or Commercial property. Animal Trappers can get rid of pesky rodents mice and even bats in your NJ home or residence.

How do they get in?
How a wild animal in NJ can manage to get into your NJ home or residence is not complicated open doors, cracks in siding or your foundation can lead to animals entering your home and make it their home.

Construction gaps and small holes withinside the joints, eaves and rooflines can act as gateways into your own home.

Often your chimney, foundation or roof may have small cracks or even larger openings you can’t see but animals can easily find and use to make their way into your home.
It is very easy for small animals to take advantage of small cracks that they can dig into and then squeeze into that most people would assume is too small, we know the difference and what to look for.

When gutters are not cleaned out they can gather sticks and leaves that appeal to bugs and in turn birds and other animals that can build nests and thus block up your entire drainage system which then can lead to damage to your home. Neglected porches, decks and patios permit wild animals to create their nests and dens. If allowed to make their home right next to yours, mice or rats will quickly make their way into your own home when you just open the door for a few minutes one day. How do I preserve wild animals out? Now that you recognize that squirrels, rats, raccoons, mice and a number of different critters can without difficulty bite their way into your home, the following are a few powerful pointers to prevent them from entering your NJ home or business.

It is advised to get your roof checked once a year. The NJ Animal Trappers can assist in repairing your rook or siding in the event animals enter your home or even prevent them from ever entering your home or NJ business.

Water is your enemy. Thus ensure your gutters are cleaned and in good repair. Keep your deck, patio, porch repaired. You can use a caulking gun to fill holes, till you manage to pay to restore rotted regions completely. Ask the NJ Animal Trappers to do the repairs for you. (We make any repair job look fantastic!)Look out for cold days and large snow or rain full sometimes this can cause your roof or decking to buckle and make it easy for animals to enter your home. Wild animals belong within the wild. You want to be proactive which will shield your own home and investment. If you suspect there are wild animals in your home call the NJ Animal Trappers and we will provide you a free quote!

What Our New Jersey Animal Prevention Services Entail

From sealing and repairing damaged areas of your NJ home or property we can prevent wildlife from taking refuge. Thus preventing future problems or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our animal prevention services differ per animal but we are very reasonably priced and are leading industry experts in NJ

We can usually prevent animals from entering your home or property in as little as 24 – 72 hours.

Our Animal Prevention Experts in NJ work 24/7 365.

We will remove, cleanup, repair, and prevent wild animals from coming back to your property.

We cover and serve all NJ towns and Cities

Animal Trappers NJ

Animal Removal & Damage Repair

Removing the wildlife that have nested in your home or office is only part of the process of dealing with an animal infestation. After animals are gone, the damage they caused prior will continue to impact your home, putting both the structure and your family at risk. Animal Trappers NJ remove the remains of an animal invasion, safely taking out droppings, contaminated materials, ruined pipes and wires, and other evidence of the infestation. Then we replace elements, bringing your property back to its former state before animals invaded.

Our New Jersey Animal Trappers are experts at removing wildlife from your home, repairing wildlife damage, and preventing wildlife from entering your New Jersey home. Give us a call today!

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Animal Damage Repair

  • Solar Panels Protection
  • Attic Restoration
  • Garage Area
  • Roof Repairs
  • Gutter Installations
  • Home and Office Proofing

Protect your home from invasive wild animals that can damage your property, let Animal Trappers NJ help you remove, repair and prevent future incidence.